Open yourself to new perspectives.

Throughout the year, Bold Woman Brands hosts a series of transformative retreats blending strategy, ritual, self reflection, creative process and community building to create a unique alchemy for empowered business and professional development.

We bring together a group of supportive women entrepreneurs seeking to learn from one another, trade skills and ideas for how to launch and authentically market their businesses, and build a community of trust.

Women from various industries and with varying professional paths join forces to learn, cross-pollinate and cultivate their relationship to themselves, each other and their work. Groups are intentionally kept small to create intimate containers of support, focused attention and deep connection.

Our retreats are real, rejuvenating and radically healing. Whether you have a seedling of a biz idea, aren’t a business owner at all or are 10 years in, you belong, you are welcome, you are in the right place.


“One of my biggest takeaways is the power of women supporting women. And the importance of it. And how much of a threat women gathering and planning and building is to a system that would not benefit from us being together and united. Being able to witness that and realizing the potential of women coming together for good was really powerful and really reassuring.” – Shannon


Unplug From The Grind

Our retreats are about unplugging from the grind, from our phones and computers, from our schedules and to-do’s. They are about being seen, creative recovery, questioning the systems we produce and are surrounded by, cultivating leadership and finding solace in sisterhood. They are about new ways of being and doing business. They are about drinking up time on the land and treating ourselves to all the finest things in life – good food, good friends, laughter and the setting sun over a still wild forest.

No one of us can do it alone. And, when we work together, it benefits everyone. So together, we sync up with the energy of the season in the name of collective empowerment and damn does it feel good.

Empower Through The Creative Process

We explore a variety of art mediums as tools of empowerment, embodiment and transformation. Think: hand made affirmation art prints or liberating photo sessions giving a big middle finger to the male gaze. Feast your eyes on some of the stunning images capturing the creative process at our most recent retreat and imagine the possibilities and experiences waiting for you. 


“My experience here this week has been f’in radical, magical. I don’t even know the words to describe it. I could probably talk for 6 hours without taking a breath about what this weekend has been like and the power of being in this space with these women. Being held and holding others and creating and composting the shit we don’t need into something more beautiful, allowing it to feed the beautiful blooms we all have within us. It’s just…I want to do this every month.”

Carla Pugliese, Founder of Beyond Delta Learning Group

“My experience here at this retreat has really been beautifully transformative, emotional, uplifting and inspirational in so many ways. So many things happened that I didn’t expect… I couldn’t even quantify the value that I received from this experience. The things that we learned, all the exercises we did. All the ways we learned and grew from those sessions, from playing – it’s hard to even say what they are because I know there are still lessons in the integrating process. It was helpful for people not only who have a business but for any woman.”

Julie Mallari, Founder of Rainbows are Circles Podcast

“My experience was not what I expected it to be. I expected to be strategizing and business planning and more power production and instead it was breaking down and opening the components and aligning all aspects of myself and pulling out that authenticity I’ve been yearning for. I’m forever grateful. If anyone is ever thinking about this DO IT. Do not choose some reason to talk yourself out of it because you’re worth it.”
Bridget Slack, Founder of Bridget Slack Photography



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