For/by women with a little revolution in their hearts.

Meet our crew of marketing and communications experts, artists, creatives, coaches + health and wellness practitioners uniting under a shared belief in the power of women supporting women. Our intention is to do business differently, and help you do it differently, too. 

Casey Carroll

Casey Carroll (she/her) is the Founder and Creative Director of Bold Woman Brands. For the last 10 years, Casey has worked with countless women entrepreneurs and mission-driven brands to cultivate positive social change and achieve business success through guided inquiry, coaching, authentic storytelling and meaningful creative strategies. Casey is a dedicated mother, certified labor and postpartum doula, and student of energy and deep imagination. 

Caitlin Fitzpatrick

Caitlin Fitzpatrick (she/her) is our mighty Marketing Director whose dream-big-take-action-improvise-your-way-through ethos has transformed countless women’s businesses into magnets for success. Prior to becoming a Partner at BWB, Caitlin started her own freelance business so she’s sure to drop some serious knowledge on all things personal branding and leaping out of corporate and landing on your feet.

Grecia Charry

Grecia Charry (she/her) is BWB’s Graphic Designer and Screen Printer. She is also the co-owner of El Tigre – a design studio in Bogotá, Colombia. Check out her upcoming workshops at Electric City Barn’s screen printing studio and peep her art prints here.

Kelley Stangl

Kelley Stangl (she/her) is BWB’s Graphic Designer and Holistic Herbalist. When she’s not dreaming up a zine layout or working on a sewing project, she can be found out in her garden or in the forest communing with nature. Check out her teas and tinctures  here

Salina Mae

Salina Mae (she/her) is BWB’s Lead Facilitator and Group Coach contributing her expertise in mindfulness, commuinty building, curriculum design, creative process and diversity, equity and inclusion. Salina also runs her own Mindfulness Coaching + Consulting biz.


Lauren Caldwell

Lauren Caldwell


Ashley Thatcher

Ashley Thatcher


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