we need
each other.

Business ownership and leadership isn’t easy. It takes courage, calls on us to be bold and oftentimes kicks up all our shit. But just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Coaching creates necessary space to be with the fullness of this process and illuminates the journey as a powerful opportunity for growth and transformation- individually and collectively.

There is a misnomer that coaching is a “nice to have,”  but we don’t view it that way. We believe that in order to holistically support the business vision from the inside-out, we must support the business visionary and leadership from the inside-out as well. If we want to revolutionize our industries, we have to start with ourselves.

We incorporate coaching into all of our programs – whether it’s a logo project, marketing package or a group retreat. Why? Because not only does coaching benefit you, but it benefits our creative process as well. When our strategic direction and counsel is sourced from a place of depth, trust, meaning, and holistic understanding we create better products and get better results. It’s that simple.

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Private Coaching
with Casey Carroll

Perfect for the woman ready to raise her voice and visibility, get bold and radically re-imagine her relationship to work. We’ll talk shop, quiet the noise and dive deep to identify and dissolve the blocks tripping you up to bring congruence to what your heart is wanting for your work and where your actions are leading you. Sessions focus on clarity, breaking free of conditioning and cultivating a strong sense of personal power.


a virtual circle of sisterhood, accountability and collaboration 

We need each other. Always. But especially as we shake off old systems and claim our own path, together. It’s imperative we have one another for so many reasons – to keep our spirits high, ideas fresh, and businesses headed toward the light. Now more than ever, it’s our opportunity to be bold about what we rebuild and who we become.

BWB co-owners, Casey Carroll and Caitlin Fitzpatrick, will lead you through an experience and creative process to notice, reimagine and take action. We will gather on monthly Zoom calls, in a private Slack channel, and open office hours. This allows us to deepen our relationships, ask for support, get direction, and gain inspiration.

We actively share worksheets and activities, tools and resources, and provide ongoing feedback, and strategic direction. It’s powerful for each person individually but the real power is in doing this together.

As we always say: when one of us rises, all of us rise.

what you’ll get

  • holistic business and creative counsel
  • a small, intimate circle of women who are also building their brands, claiming their leadership, and re-imagining their relationship to work
  • a place to share ideas, ask questions, get perspective, and learn from each other
  • loads of bonus resources (think: creative worksheets, marketing tools, video how-to guides, brand recommendations and monthly prompts)
  • endless cheerleading and encouragement
  • discounts on other BWB offerings + online shop

topics we’ll cover

  • bold leadership & empowerment
  • personal agreements & commitments
  • asking for support / what we need
  • intersectionality & brand awareness
  • composting our “shoulds”
  • visibility & vulnerability
  • the swamp of social media marketing
  • creative process as revolutionary tool

The next group is set to starts in August 2020. Want in?


“Casey is one of the most innately gifted, powerfully driven, and exceptionally talented practitioners I’ve been graced to work with. Her support for my business has brought concrete, tangible results that have made my life easier, brought my dreams swiftly into form, and best of all, I had a lot of fun and felt lovingly held throughout the whole experience. Casey is a fire under your ass, a gentle balm to your soul, and a helping hand everyone would want on any journey.”

– Anna D., Vibrant Reiki

“Casey’s leading edge branding and business savvy blended with her earthy, heart centered wisdom feels rare in the world of marketing know how. Her deep listening and empowered feminine stance has helped me tap into my values and expand my vision to effectively move forward in putting myself out there in my coaching business in a way that feels real and authentic for me. Casey’s ability to really see me and hold me in my integrity continues to support me in finding ways to market and brand my business from my core and get specific about what it is I have to offer.”

– Johanna S., Executive & Leadership Coach

“Casey is a true ally. A sister in solidarity to claiming your truth and emboldening you to fearlessly bring your medicine out into the world. I’ve work with Casey for over a year and in that time we have navigated such depths to truly discover the elemental power of what I’ve been wanting to offer in my craft. Rooted in feminine mystery, she holds a space for inquiry that is deeply nourishing, exploratory and spacious for what wants to emerge. Her mirroring and reflections always inspire me to deepen and her fierce mama love is unrelenting as she nudges me to grow and risk more in service to my intentions. Casey’s capacity to distill, discern and speak to the heart of the matter is profoundly clarifying and a beacon to anyone who is looking to proclaim their offering. As a guide myself, I have few whom I wholeheartedly trust to lead me into the unknown of my own process. Casey is one whom I will share the path with for many years to come as I know she in true service to my most powerful evolution and unfolding. May you give yourself the gift of her mentorship!

– Kim W., Wylder Life

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